Lost Victories

Heaven and Earth were not partial. They do not kill living things out of cruelty or give them birth out of kindness. We do the same when we make straw dogs to use in sacrifices. We dress them up and put them on the altar, but not because we love them. And when the ceremony is over, we throw them into the street, but not because we hate them


I’m not sure they’d get away with trying this stunt in Hollywood.


give this to me.


Foc.us: The first commercial tDCS headset that lets you safely overclock your brain

After an interminable wait, the first brain-boosting tDCS headset has finally received FCC approval and will begin shipping in the next few days. Dubbed the Foc.us, the headset jolts your prefrontal cortex with electricity, improving your focus, reaction time, and ability to learn new skills. The Foc.us is being targeted at gamers looking to improve their skillz, but tDCS has the potential to improve — or more accurately to overclock — almost every aspect of your life. »Continue Reading«

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Dear Black Tumblr,



There are currently millions of Black people in college and millions more who hold a college degree. Why are we graduating from institutions of higher learning and then searching for jobs in white establishments when we have the capacity to form our own enterprises? 

Gimme answers!!!

we never had a stable ownership environment post integration 

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